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We follow the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended vaccine schedule.


You can expect your child to receive the vaccines during their well care visit per this schedule 

American Academy  of Pediatrics vaccine schedule
Age vaccine
Birth Hep B (at hospital)
1 month Hep B (4 weeks from 1st Hep B)
2 months Pentacel, Prevnar, Rotavirus
4 months Pentacel, Prevnar, Rotavirus
6 months Pentacel, Prevnar, Rotavirus
9 months Hep B
12 months Varicella,  MMR
15 months Pentacel, Prevnar
18 months Hep A
2 years Hep A  (6 months affter 1st Hep A)
4 years DTaP, IPV (polio)
5 years ProQuad
8 years Hep A (ONLY if has not completed series)
11 years Tdap, Gardasil (1st of series), Menactra
16  Menactra